If you’d like to ask me a question – whether it’s about the content published on the website or the technical matters related to operating it – write a [email protected] or fill out the below form. That’s also how you’re encouraged to send possible cooperation offers.

I am no stranger to anything computer-related. I’ve worked in IT for 10 years now. I started as a help at a notebook repair shop. Now I’m a self-employed programmer. At the beginning of my journey with programming I worked as part of a team. Now I’m a freelancer and work my own hours. It is easy to forget about the outside world when coding. That’s why, following my wife’s advice and unfulfilled journalist ambitions, I also share my knowledge with the Internet users. I help them solve problems. That way I don’t lose touch with reality 🙂 If you’d like to ask me any question related to technology – ask away. My wife calls me a programmer and a shopaholic. Maybe there really is something to it. In my free time, I search online for different technological gadgets. I call them my toys 😉

This world is created for programmers.