Advanced artificial intelligence is no longer a mere invention of novelists. It’s used in many areas of life, including health care.

Artificial intelligence is mainly associated with the superintelligent robots that we see on the cinema screen. Although the progressive robotization of various aspects of life is inevitable, it’s worth knowing that artificial intelligence can be more immaterial.
For example, Technological solutions that are currently being introduced in healthcare are based on cloud computing. You can even do a diagnosis on the smartphone.

Applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence can improve the functioning of health care in various ways. For example, intelligent booking systems for medical appointments would facilitate a lot. Thanks to them, the doctor would devote more time to the treatment of patients themselves, and not to the formalities inherent in this profession at the moment.

Technological improvements in Diagnostics could be a great convenience. The Chinese Good Doctor app, which allows patients to determine the nature of their ailments with a high degree of probability, is already a big hit. The app diagnoses the user based on the declared symptoms, using a powerful resource of data processed in the cloud.

After analysis, the program decides whether or not a doctor’s consultation is required. If necessary, Good Doctor allows you to make a conference call with an appropriate specialist.
In many countries such a facility could solve the problem of long queues in front of doctor’s offices.

And specialists would only deal with serious cases.

Better Diagnostics

As it turns out, artificial intelligence can be much more effective than real doctors in diagnosing diseases. An algorithm has been developed in the Netherlands that analyzes patient mammography material for changes that may indicate cancer. This algorithm made more accurate diagnoses than a team of 11 experienced doctors.

Thanks to a precise assessment of the state of health, artificial intelligence avoids unnecessary expenses and significantly speeds up the Treatment process.
Taking into account all the above mentioned advantages of artificial intelligence, it’s expected that sooner or later it will become a standard in health care. Technology is constantly moving forward and has more and more to offer.
And the medical industry is a very fertile ground for technological innovations.