Firefox will soon no longer support FTP. Users won’t be able to download files in this way and display catalogs in the browser. Such a decision shouldn’t surprise and is dictated by the Security reasons. FTP in Firefox is an old protocol that has numerous flaws, among them Security flaws and it’s better to give it up.

Removing the protocol from Firefox

Mozilla wants to permanently stop using the Data transfer protocol in its browser. The default lack of FTP is expected to become a reality when the company releases a stable version of Firefox 77 (planned for June 2020), but users will be able to manually enable the protocol support in Firefox ESR 78 for some time.

Ultimately, however ,FTP in Firefox will be removed from the browser without being able to manually enable it. This is to happen in 2021. Considering the initial resentment in 2014 and 2015, when the debates on the removal of FTP support began, the peace and general support for the idea in this discussion thread is very interesting. It seems that a very small group of people use FTP and most use HTTP / HTTPS.

ZDNet informed about several details of this idea, quoting Michal Novotny, a developer from Mozilla. As it turns out, the company plans to disable FTP support in Firefox 77, which should be released in June this year.

At this stage, however, this will not cause big issues for users if the use of FTP is crucial for them. Protocol support will only be disabled by default, but you will be able to return to it using the appropriate flag. Ultimately, however, FTP will disappear from the browser anyway, and plans are for early 2021. Then you will not be able to go back to FTP support in Firefox, and all due to Security.

FTP in Firefox

FTP and Google Chrome?

It is worth adding that the situation is similar in the case of Google Chrome. FTP support is to be turned off in Chrome 81, but it is not yet known when exactly this release will appear in the stable version on the market – for the time of problems with the coronavirus, Google suspended the programmers activities in this area.

The FTP protocol is going to completely disappear from Chrome much faster than from Firefox. In this case, there is already plans regarding Chrome 82, which should appear on the market this summer (assuming, of course, at most a slight delay due to the mentioned reorganization of work). There were rumors about plans to remove the problematic FTP protocol from leading browsers already in 2015.


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