During the CES 2020 trade show, the Samsung booth allowed us to see a new, invisible smartphone keyboard. The gadget called SelfieType makes it possible to type in the air.

Invisible smartphone keyboard – how does it work?

Smartphones may offer the typing feature, but the methods available are only suitable for typing a short text, when it comes to typing something longer, however, they don’t exactly do the job.

The accessory manufacturers are perfectly aware of that, that’s why they offer external wireless keyboards that provide greater typing comfort. Such Gadgets offer the QWERTY layout and also come with additional buttons that ensure quick access to the most essential features.

Such solution also has its downside, as on top of the smartphone we also need to carry around a keyboard. However, Samsung has developed a gadget that may solve this problem. During the CES 2020 trade show, the company is going to unveil an invisible smartphone keyboard called SelfieType. It is an experimental project that utilizes Artificial intelligence and a front-facing camera. The camera will detect the movement of our hands and fingers, and then translate it to characters.

invisible smartphone keyboard

What is new at CES 2020

Of course, such idea will mainly come in handy for those who touch-type, which means they don’t need to look at the keys. It might be very useful, however, especially if we have to write some longer text, like an e-mail or a report. The concept is slightly reminiscent of laser keyboards that are available on the market, except in this case we don’t need any additional equipment.

The Virtual keyboard isn’t the only project by the C-Lab company that is a subsidiary of the Korean corporation. Also appearing in Las Vegas will be Hyler, which is a device that digitizes text and transfers it to mobile devices.

The Korean brand’s booth will also feature a tiny humanoid robot called piBo. It’s a gadget that serves as a personal assistant that not only will provide the desired information but can also interact with people. It can talk with them, dance and play music.


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