Everyone knows that the Windows 7 OS will only be technically supported until mid January 2020. Not everyone realizes, though, that at the same time Microsoft will cease providing their users of the MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) antivirus software with signatures defining new threats.

What does it mean for Windows 7 users?

In a special document published a few weeks ago that refers to the topic of ESU (Extended Security Updates) security extensions offered to companies, they say “That’s right, your Windows 7 computer will no longer be protected by the MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) software after 14th January 2020”.

This was mentioned in a support document that mostly revolves around security extensions (ESU) for businesses. “MSE is unique for the Windows 7 system and utilizes the same technical support cycle dates”.

What else about Windows 7?

We are mentioning this to all those who choose not to upgrade their PC and are planning to continue using Windows 7. They will get one more problem that might threaten their Computer’s security.

Windows 7

The premiere of the Security Essentials free antivirus software was quite a long time ago, as in 2008. It was developed with individual users in mind, but in 2010 Microsoft expanded their offer and started also offering it to small companies that employ no more than 10 people.

Two years later – as in 2012 – the Windows 8 system premiered and Microsoft made use of this fact to replace the MSE software with a tool named Windows Defender. It would accompany subsequent versions of the Windows OS (including Windows 10), but the MSE software continued providing security to Windows 7 computers.

Why the cancellation?

It might seem that it would be in Microsoft’s best interest to continue supporting the MSE package. After all, lack of such tools poses a threat to the entire Windows ecosystem, which would after all get a hole in it in form of “leaky” Windows 7 computers.

The decision is final, though. Maybe that is Microsoft’s way to put more pressure on users of this system so that they are more likely to decide to switch to Windows 10.


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