Zoom is a tool for such things as conducting video chats, and lately it became a Hot topic again and it’s not just because there’s plenty of people using it.

Imperfections exposed

These days, messengers that make it possible to make video calls have become very popular. The version intended for Apple mobile devices shows concerning behaviors. The whole thing was brought to light by Motherboard, which discovered that the variant of the Zoom app operating under iOS sends data to Facebook and it wouldn’t be anything surprising, as plenty of software developers use the API of this social media platform, if it wasn’t for the fact that the application does that even when the user doesn’t have an account on Mark Zuckerberg’s website.

Such behavior can already be concerning even if we take into account the fact that the information sent doesn’t include any Sensitive data, only indications on when the app is launched, device model, the city or town where the user is currently located and a unique ID used by Facebook and the affiliated ad profiling companies.

Not the end of problems

As if that wasn’t enough, Zoom in the Mac version completely violates the good practices of installers. The application conducts the entire installation procedure before we agree to it, in the preflight section, which should be used for things like checking if the application can be installed, or if it isn’t already installed etc.

On top of that, there is one more topic – Zoom allows administrators to monitor how, where and when the users use the app (they see the IP address, location, device information), and if the latter record a call, the former have access to it, including video, audio, chat and transcript.


The case was already sent to the prosecutor’s office

The general prosecutor of the state of New York has sent an official letter to the company, in which he expressed his concerns on the ability to handle increased web traffic. He is concerned that the company won’t be able to handle the Avalanche of new users.

As of now, Zoom is used by millions of users for work and for contacting friends. It is caused by the restrictive limitations introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Zoom management would have nothing but reasons to celebrate if it wasn’t for the fact that it turned out that the service’s protections have been questioned. It turned out, among other things, that the Zoom mobile app for iOS/iPadOS devices has a code for Spying on the user that could violate privacy.


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