A product from the LEGO Education series will familiarize your children with modern technologies. The LEGO SPIKE Prime set will let you learn the secrets of robot programming.

Learning programming through play

Many people mistakenly believe that LEGO is just for toddlers and allows you to build different types of blocks. This is partly true, but the product of a Danish company is also an educational gadget, the best example of which are sets from the Mindstorms series. They make it possible to construct Complex mechanisms and set them in motion with the help of various types of actuators and controllers.

Another LEGO Education product has also way more applications than just fun. LEGO SPIKE Prime stands for sets that, through play, help to acquire important knowledge in the field of mechanics, engineering and programming. The product teaches the construction and how to independently program robots and is intended for customers aged 11-14.

LEGO SPIKE Prime – what makes these blocks different from others

The gadget is made of three main elements that work closely together. The first of them are, of course, components, in this case LEGO blocks, mechanisms and other elements enabling the construction of machines.

Learning programming through play

The second element is the Hub, which acts as a brain controlling the work of devices created by users. It is a small computer equipped with Bluetooth technology that communicates with mechanisms enabling their Movement.

The third element of the set is the SPIKE application, which is a tool intended to program machines you’ve previously created. It uses the popular programming language Scratch created for the youngest and is very easy to use.

Therefore, if you want to prepare your children for the Challenges waiting for them while job seeking in the future, buying a new product can pay off. LEGO SPIKE Prime sets are available for sale for $325.


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