Which programming language should you learn first? There is no clear answer to that question. Before you make your decision, you need to take several factors into account and see what your actual options are. Below you will find the five best programming languages that you should learn first.


JavaScript is on top programming languages. If you are interested in creating interactive websites, you should pick programming language JavaScript as the companion for HTML and CSS. It is easy to learn and rich in resources. JavaScript makes Asynchronous communication possible.

Think about the subscription button on YouTube. Upon clicking that button, JavaScript notifies the server if you want to receive automatic updates whenever the channel releases new content. The button will then change to subscribed, but the main page will remain intact.

JavaScript works in browsers and is used by the majority of today’s websites. That’s why, if you disable it on your end, many websites won’t load properly and will become static. With JavaScript, you can do programming in browsers, servers, games or even robots.


Java and JavaScript are two different things. The former is mainly used by programmers to create independent applications that work on computers and Mobile devices. The latter, as was mentioned before, creates Asynchronous communication within websites and mostly works in browsers.

Java is a strongly typed language with multiple variables. In short, it is harder to code in and learn compared to JavaScript. Considering that Java is a general programming language, however, it is more practical.

Java is the most popular programming language in the world, 90% companies on the Fortune 500 list actively use it. It means that learning the Java language opens the door to many Career opportunities.

You can be an android app developer, a game developer or a backend developer.

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PHP is another beginner-friendly programming language with an intuitive script – similar to the human language. Before running a script, it can be conceptualized. PHP is used for website creation.

However, it differs slightly from JavaScript. Whereas JavaScript is used for Developing front-end, PHP will work behind curtains. What is more, such CMS as WordPress is also built using the PHP framework.

Although some websites don’t use PHP anymore, it still powers 80% of websites around the world, including enormous players such as Facebook, Wikipedia and Tumblr. Because of that, learning PHP will still provide you with a lot of opportunities. On top of that, platforms such as WordPress are certainly not going anywhere for now.


Learning SQL doesn’t mean you’ll be able to build websites or applications. However, SQL makes it possible to communicate with a database – which is essential for Developing both applications and websites.
Mastering SQL makes it easier to manage data using any RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).

It is no secret that websites and applications store large amounts of data. Companies need to modify and process data into something substantial, such as business insight and security profiles. If you can “speak” the SQL language, plenty of companies will hire you as a Business Analyst or anyone related to database maintenance.


Python is another general programming language that is also gaining in popularity. The structure is easy to master. Once you know the basics, you can learn advanced codes intuitively.

Python can be found nearly everywhere. It is used for data analysis, desktop applications, web applications, machine learning and much more. You can even use Python to create more realistic animations.

Considering the popularity, Python resources are also easy to find. The most interesting thing is that Python is the main language used in Data Science.


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