With the development of the blog, the problem started to be the increasing server usage? The website you were so proud of started to load for longer and longer, and the more frequent signals coming from your users make you sad? Are you curious about what you can change, improve, so that the site loads quickly, readers are satisfied, and Google does not punish you with a low position?


Hosting is very important for how will work and to speed up the blog. That’s why we discourage you from using free services. If you want to run your blog for free, choose the blogger platform or wordpres.com. But if you are thinking about business on the web, we definitely suggest you buy paid hosting.

Set the latest version of PHP

An important issue that hardly anyone remembers is setting the latest version of PHP on the server. Currently, this is PHP 7, which is almost twice as fast as PHP 5. 5 and PHP 5. 6. So if you have a website based on WordPress or other CMS that is written in PHP, check which version you have set on the server and change it to the latest one. If you don’t know how to do it, just contact Technical support where you have hosting and they will definitely do it for you or tell you where to set it up.

Optimize the graphics on the site

It is essential to prepare the photos before we can post them on the blog. Sometimes it happens that in the WordPress library there are huge photos, weighing several gigabytes each, uploaded to the blog straight from the SLR camera.
Before we upload a picture to the blog we should do at least these 2 things:

  • Rescalate the photo so that the longest side is no more than 1920 px.
  • Compress the image, e. g. , let it pass through the free online tool TinyPNG.
speed up the blog


You definitely need to update the plugins you have installed on your blog. There are bugs fixed in the updates, so don’t neglect this and when the newer version is released, click and do the updates. It is worth getting rid of unnecessary plugins that you are not using.

Optimize your database

If your WordPress page already has a lot of entries and every time you add a new article you save several versions as you are writing it, it is worth Optimizing the database. It is in the database that all your entries, data, settings and plugin data are stored. Over time, an excessive amount of unnecessary data is collected, which can generate an excessive number of queries in the database. This affects the speed of your website. You can use the WP-Sweep plugin to get rid of this issue. The plugin will automatically check the entire database and remove the excessive data. It will clean up after plugins that you have uninstalled a long time ago and left unnecessary charts in the database.


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