Creating a website consists of coming up with the concept, layout and structure of the website.
The process takes place in multiple stages and, depending on the size of the website, will require getting a few or a dozen people involved (Webmasters – specialists in writing Websites; graphic designers and editors).

In most cases it’s a pretty expensive project that also requires paying for hosting (storage space for the website) and the Domain.

Advantages of website generators

The most popular way to create an attractive corporate website for cheap these days is to use the open source Joomla CMS system! Or WordPress. And even though the free Websites generators available on the web offer much less options, they have plenty of advantages that make their use worth considering.

Here are some of the major ones:

  • not requiring technical knowledge,
  • simple use – a built-in creation wizard that consists of several steps,
  • quick effect – we can get an attractive and functional website in as little as a few minutes,
  • web hosting is usually free,
  • the ability to use your own or a dedicated Domain,
  • no costs.

The best website creators

  • WordPress
    WordPress is used by plenty of people who wish to build a free website, because the templates are more reliable than those on other platforms. Whereas WordPress doesn’t offer a “drag and drop” type of creator, it provides plenty of templates from an ever-growing list of categories. was the first free tool to create a website that I used. I chose it because you get 3 GB of storage space, which is 3 to 6 times more than with other platforms. I also liked the vast choice of templates compared to other Websites. There was enough of tutorials on the Internet, even with the lack of a drag&drop creator taken into account.

  • Wix
    There are very few free website creators that are more known among the general public than Wix. No matter where you turn, on TV and online, there will always be a Wix ad. That’s why it’s no wonder that plenty of people decide to choose Wix for building their free website.

    Wix offers plenty of options for creating a free website. You may use the drag&drop feature to build your website from scratch, you may also answer several simple questions so that Wix can guide you through the process. There are also different configurable templates that allow to create a website in no time.

  • SimpleSite
    As the name suggests, with SimpleSite you can create a website in a short time. Its free Websites are mobile-ready and you can choose one of the few themes for creating your own website.
    The advantage of SimpleSite over other free website creators is that using the free plan enables you to sell products to a limited extent.

    I sell collector’s items on a website and thanks to SimpleSite I can sell up to five products without having to upgrade my account. I was also able to integrate the PayPal system, making payment processing easier. I decided to use my website to sell some of my high-end products, such as ad images.

What to pay attention to when choosing a website creator

When choosing the right website creator, we need to pay attention to several important aspects that will surely make the selected tool easier to use. Before you decide to choose the right creator, though, check up-to-date reviews of companies and compare what they can do. Out of the parameters impacting the choice of the best website creator, one has to take into the account:

  • The SSL certificate
    The ability to install the so-called “padlock” on the server that will protect our website from unauthorized access.
  • Customer service
    If you are a not a fluent English speaker, choose a creator that comes with foreign technical support in the event of problems.
  • Integration options
    For our website to be more sophisticated, check out the essential features offered by the creator that might come in handy, such as: the ability to link with social media, create e-mail campaigns and an e-store.
  • Hosting price
    Before you choose a creator, check out how much the hosting will cost and what parameters it offers. Pay attention to the uptime, throughput and data transfer limit.
  • Free templates
    Find out how many free templates and what type of solutions the creators offer.

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