Choosing the server for our website is not easy, and at the same time it is too important to be done at random. The market of Hosting services is enormous, and the number of companies dealing with server maintenance is downright overwhelming, which doesn’t actually make things easier. If on top of that we are beginners at making websites, we are faced with a really difficult challenge.

In this post, I have collected several tips and suggestions that might prove helpful when searching for a WordPress Hosting.

Hosting for WordPress – what does it mean?

First and foremost, it has to be said that WordPress doesn’t have particularly high requirements when it comes to the server. A good server should above all Support adequate PHP and MySQL parameters and it needs to be pointed out here that not every Hosting meets this requirement.

When it comes to WordPress, PHP version 5.6 or later and MySQL Database version 5.6 or later will be enough. One should avoid Hosting from providers who don’t use current PHP versions – it is very important in terms of security. Both the administrative panel and the client panel should be intuitive and easy to use.

Another important thing is additional services such as frequent backups, testing period, consulting. Certain WordPress plugins require installing additional modules, which makes it a good idea to find out if a particular provider offers such service before making the choice.

The Hosting price also plays a key role – it should be adequate to the offer. Certain companies offer special Hostings for WordPress. In most cases it is a service optimized for this system and that’s why it would make a good choice.

When choosing WordPress Hosting, one has to pay attention to technical parameters, which is security, limits, backups, reliability, availability and technical Support and service.

What should be the characteristics of a good WordPress Hosting?

Before purchasing a particular Hosting service, it is necessary to check and preferably compare the following parameters with different service providers:

  • storage space
    It is the amount of space a blogger can use for their resources. It is important for the offered storage space to have no limits (unlimited number of files on the server). In most cases the sufficient amount of space is 10 GB, unless we have bigger needs (like plenty of video materials).
  • transfer
    It is the amount of data sent to the blog readers – the bigger the transfer, the more people can browse the website without the risk of any errors or performance problems occurring. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose servers that operate on fast SSD drives. If a WordPress Hosting provider offers unlimited transfer, one should check if the terms and conditions don’t include any limitations on storing audio and video files.
  • Database
    One website needs one Database, but if someone wants to create several websites, they should find a provider that offers setting up several MySQL Databases.
  • backup copies
    Backup copies, or simply backups, are created so that in the event of a malfunction or data loss the latest version of the website can be restored. When choosing a provider, one has to pay attention to how often backups are made and how long they are stored.
  • (no) malfunctions and availability
    Lack of malfunctions is defined as the so-called uptime, which is a percentage defining how much time within a year the Hosting works without a malfunction. But it’s not just about malfunctions, but also planned server maintenance. Hosting providers offer server availability of around 99%.
  • SSL certificates
    Security certificates are incredibly important, as they make it possible to encrypt the data sent, which prevents it from being intercepted. Having a SLL certificate is a must these days.

Other things that matter are the technical Support offered by a WordPress Hosting provider as well as the price. Technical Support should be provided in the event of a malfunction and should be available around the clock due to the fact that longer website downtime might result in losses.

Which makes it a good idea to choose a company that offers not only Support over e-mail but also over telephone and web chat. When it comes to the price, it is important for it to be adequate to the services offered. It’s a good idea to check the price not only for the first year of using the Hosting but also the subsequent years. Professional Hosting for a blog doesn’t actually have to be expensive.

Why is page loading speed so important?

If something is good, it works fast. It doesn’t just apply to websites but also everything in life. Why would anyone want to visit your website if it loads slow or freezes? Not to mention it’s not just about the user experience. A fast-loading website is fundamental for SEO. Why? The faster Google can read your website, the higher it will place it in the search results.

Which in turn improves your page views and sales. According to W3Techs data, more than 24% of websites on the entire Internet are based on WordPress, and its popularity just keeps growing. People simply know that WordPress is currently one of the best platforms. The numbers speak for themselves.


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