The blogosphere is in bloom. It keeps growing like a lawn in the springtime. The blogs of today have evolved from online diaries into a powerful advertising, opinion-making and informative medium. A company blog, why should you have one? Because such blog is a very versatile tool, kind of a multitool of the online world! Why should you run a company blog and why should you do it well?

Build customer relations

A blog is a perfect platform connecting a potential and existing customer with your brand. Running a company blog is a great way to promote and build relations, both in communicating with customers in the B2C sector (business to client) and in the industry relations – B2B (business to business).

A professional blog is not only a source of information on the brand, it’s above all a place to gain knowledge on the problems, advice that allows to dispel any doubts in a potential customer and convince them to use the service or product.

The communication style used on a blog makes it possible to present the company’s products and services in a brand new way and in a different form from a classic offer website.
By getting to know the reader closer, you have a chance to find out what products and services they are looking for, what they pay a particular attention to and what convinces them to make choices and finalize transactions. An interaction with a customer, and then analysis of the information obtained, makes it easier to make the company’s offer More specific.

When running a blog, it is worth remembering that a customer is more willing to choose a product from a company that they have entered a relation with and that they know, rather than a product from a company they’re not familiar with. Building lasting relations on a blog translates to a growth in brand recognition and ultimately in company’s revenue.

A blog allows to increase a website’s SEO potential

Search engines are very good at indexing blog entries, especially when they are properly promoted on the homepage. Blog articles make it very easy to build a so-called long tail of key phrases – which is queries that potential customers may type into the search engine and that differ from the Main phrases for a particular website.

company blog

Such example might be the phrase “effective weight loss tea for women” instead of “weight loss tea” or “Ford Focus cheapest insurance in 2019” instead of “cheapest insurance”. Every industry has a catalog of phrases from within a long tail with a potential too big to ignore it. The right Optimization of entries allows to build a very large resource of keywords from a so-called long tail.

Conversions and sales

In most cases, a company blog becomes a central point that you run your inbound marketing activities around. It is where you redirect traffic from other sources such as Facebook or Pinterest. This is where most traffic from Google goes to. Another step is to prepare the blog for engaging that traffic and converting it to leads or sales.
Our tips:

  • Use a contextual Call-To-Action. A good CTA placed in the blog’s content is usually the most effective.
  • Place the CTA in a side column. You usually have a lot of free space there, make use of it.
  • CTA under posts or within the posts. Once the user reads your article, redirect them further.
  • Learn the shopping process of your customers and their key questions. Provide them with answers at every stage and lead them through the subsequent ones. That way you engage, educate and turn guests into customers.
  • Make sure that visitors keep coming for more.

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