Every website, no matter what it was made for, needs to look good visually and graphically. That’s why it is so common for beginners who are just creating their first WordPress website to not be very sure of what theme to choose, a Free or paid one?

The upsides of FREE WordPress themes

  • the premade wordpress themes are simple to use, they don’t have too many configuration options;
  • they are good for those who don’t want to incur any costs or only see their website as a hobby;
  • large number of available themes just in the WordPress repository alone, which are verified by the WP team.

The downsides of FREE WordPress themes

  • no technical support from the theme’s author in plenty of cases;
  • theme updates are very often not done regularly;
  • limited number of features and options;
  • the themes aren’t always “pretty”;
  • a very large number of people uses free themes, which means the competition’s website may look just like ours;
  • it is not always possible to Personalize them to your own needs.

The upsides of PAID WordPress themes

  • good customer support and help with solving the encountered problems. Paid themes may also have their occasional problems, even the best written and prepared ones, but the support can definitely help solve them;
  • plenty of options and features that make the theme very sophisticated and with the kind of features that would normally require plugins to be added, for example;
  • an easier way to create a professionally looking website that will stand out among the competition;
  • regular theme updates and Adapting it to the latest WordPress version.

The downsides of PAID WordPress themes

  • large number of configuration options. It is an upside of paid themes, but also their downside if such theme is picked by a beginner without experience. The Multitude of settings may be intimidating, and on top of that, the user will not always make use of all features and options;
  • the theme cost varies around approx. $60, which isn’t that much, but not everyone wants to spend even that kind of money at the beginning.

Which WordPress to choose, then?

It’s all up to you – if you’re just starting with your first blog that isn’t going to make money at first, I believe that a free theme is more than enough for your needs. Then in the future, once your WWW site starts making profits, you may switch to a paid theme any time. On top of that, by that time you will already know your expectations about a website. It will be easier for you to choose a theme and not to throw money away.

If, on the other hand, you’re already running a prosperous company and planning to create its showcase on the Internet or want to open an online store, then probably a Better solution will be a paid theme. It will be better suited to your needs and will look processionally too.


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