WordPress 5.3 focuses on improving the user’s experience in blog management tools. It also includes technical improvements to the Gutenberg editor, more freedom in designing new entries, and a completely new Twenty Twenty Theme. If that was not enough, the latest version also has some interesting improvements in WordPress Site Health.

WordPress 5.3: new default theme (Twenty Twenty)

Twenty Twenty Theme has been designed with flexibility and usability in mind. It is a single-column template, which means it doesn’t offer the functionality of adding a standard sidebar in posts. All widgets can be added only at the very bottom of the page.

When creating WordPress Twenty Twenty, the authors placed special emphasis on full compatibility with the new block editor, thanks to which it allows creating various content layouts for articles and pages.

What’s more, the option of using the so-called template has also been added. “Full width”, which works with both the block editor and other plugins for building the subpage.

It can be concluded that from now on a new default theme combined with Gutenberg is the Right choice for any site, regardless of destination. So it works on a business website, personal blog or landing page.

New functions in the Gutenberg block editor

WordPress 5.3 combines the last 13 updates of the new editor. Thus, if you have used the Gutenberg plug-in so far, but did not update it regularly, all you have to do is update your system to the latest version. Here are the main novelties in the new editor:

  • Reusable block: This function allows us to create block templates and use them in many places. In that case we don’t have to manually copy the finished blocks.
  • Group block: A feature that allows you to group many different blocks in a container. It enables full customization of the entire container and arrangement of the system, dividing it into different parts.
  • Column block: A long-awaited feature that lets us create custom column layouts. We can freely adjust them, change their width and align the content.
  • Improved table block: The new functionality allows us to choose different table templates and easily modify them. It supports alignment of text in columns, change of background color and style.
  • Improved gallery block: This feature allows us to change the order of images in the gallery block with one click. We no longer have to go to the multimedia screen.
  • Other changes: Other improvements worth mentioning include the possibility of changing the colors of the headers, choosing the style of the images, adjusting the button border radius, blocking the navigation mode and vertically aligning the content in some blocks.
  • New version of Site Health

    The most important change is deleting the site’s percentage result shown at the top of the tool. One of two ratings is now visible: “Should be improved” or “Good”. In addition to this change, two new filters have also been introduced:

    It applies to sending e-mail to the administrator in the event of a page failure and is associated with the debug information table. It adds a new section in the message that contains information such as WordPres and PHP versions, the current theme and the name of the plugin that caused the crash.

    Allows developers to filter the result of a completed site status test. It was created strictly for developers and is available for both PHP (for direct tests) and JavaScript (for asynchronous tests).


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