WordPress comes with a rich selection of useful keyboard shortcuts divided into two sets. In your daily work, you can use more than 50 different shortcuts for the visual editor and for Comment management. Over time, the use of shortcuts will become completely intuitive to you and make your work faster. Discover the best keyboard shortcuts and enhance your Effectiveness!

How to display the list of available WordPress keyboard shortcuts?

In order to display the list of WordPress keyboard shortcuts, all you have to do is enter the help panel (Alt + Shift + H). The most popular and most frequently used shortcuts are related to post editing, post style and formatting management and Comment management.

WordPress keyboard shortcuts – content editor panel

In order to Type faster and more effectively in WordPress, use the following shortcuts:

CTRL + c – copy
CTRL + v – paste
CTRL + a – select all
CTRL + z – undo changes
CTRL + y – redo changes
CTRL + b – bold text
CTRL + i – italics
ALT + SHIFT + u – create a bullet list
ALT + SHIFT + o – create a numbered list
ALT + SHIFT + q – mark part of the text as a quote
ALT + SHIFT + t – add the “Read more” Tag

On top of that, you can use header tag shortcuts, which you can access by using the Key combination of ALT + SHIFT + relevant digit corresponding to the header you want to use (like ALT + SHIFT + 1 for Header 1).

NOTE: in Windows and Linux systems, you need to use the combination of Ctrl + letter + given key, whereas in MacOs the right combination is these keys: Command + letter + given key.

WordPress keyboard shortcutsComment management

In order to enable the option of using keyboard shortcuts and Comment management, one has to enter the Profile Edit Panel (the Users -> Your Profile tab) and enable the option of ”Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation”. Said shortcuts are only applicable in the administrator panel!

A – approve the comment
S – mark the comment as SPAM
D – delete the comment
Z – undo the last action
R – open a new window for quick reply
Q – open a new window for quick edit

You can also manage comments in batch, which you do by “ticking” the comments you’re interested in, then using keyboard shortcuts:

SHIFT + a – approve the comments
SHIFT + s – mark the comments as SPAM
SHIFT + d – delete the comments
SHIFT + t – move the comments to the trash can
SHIFT + z – restore the comments

Try the above keyboard shortcuts and make your work faster. Over time, you will start using them intuitively, good luck!


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