You want your website to load as fast as possible in a web browser? At the same time, you’d like such media as Pictures or Images to be available in high resolution? There are solutions to that issue – all you have to do is use our guide where we show how to Optimize Graphics for a WordPress website.

What is graphic Optimization? It’s an attempt to find the middle ground between great quality, beautiful Pictures or Images on a website and the requirement for a website to be lightweight and not occupy much space. Short page loading time is possible even when we want to put a lot of good looking Images on it. All we have to do is utilize the right solution.

Below we present several useful wordpress CMS plugins that will adjust image size and quality to our website for us. That way even when we upload large Images we can be sure that they will be best Optimized for our website.

Check out 6 WordPress plugins for optimizing Pictures.

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

Let’s start with a tool for automatic Optimization of Pictures on our website. This plugin is free and easy to use. It supports both standard graphic formats (JPEG, PNG), and GIF animations. It also has an option of scanning and optimizing our entire multimedia library stored on a server.

2. WP Smush

It’s another tool that allows to automatically Optimize Pictures on our website or blog. Upon installing and activating, all you have to do is turn on the plugin for it to start working. Compared to the first extension, WP Smush has an option to personalize global settings, which allows us to decide in a few steps what the Optimization of our Pictures or Images should be like. What is even more interesting, there is also an option available for comparing Images before and after Optimization.

3. Kraken Image Optimizer

Before we make use of this plugin, we also need to set up a free account after installing and activating it (e-mail, password). Only then we can move on to the process of optimizing our files itself. Kraken Image Optimizer offers an interesting solution – we can use automatic picture or image resizing or just specify the Optimization level manually.

4. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Another simple plugin that allows to batch Optimize Images stored on our website. All we have to do is press the “Optimize Now” button and wait for the job to be finished. This tool also allows us to choose whether we want maximum Optimization (at the expense of image quality) or lossless Optimization, which maintains the original quality of the graphic material.

5. Compress JPG & PNG Images

As the name suggests, this plugin is intended for compressing JPG and PNG files. On top of that, this plugin is directed towards those who wish to maximize the reduction of space occupied by Images on their website. Unfortunately, it means lossy image quality – and to a large degree too, which is why this solution should be used with caution. We can, however, set the maximum image size, thumbnail size, as well as remove additional data (metadata) attached by default to every image.


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