Every WordPress user knows that plugins make the main advantage of this CMS (content management system) over competitive solutions. With help of useful plugins, we can completely alter the way our website looks. That’s exactly why WordPress is considered to be one of the best solutions for creating websites.

What are WordPress plugins and why are they worth using?

Plugins are WordPress expansions that make it possible to add new features to the website. The greatest advantage of plugins is being simple and easy to use.

People without technical skills in most cases can handle using them and implementing them on the website. Everyone who runs a website or a blog knows it very well that sooner or later comes the moment when they need to add different elements to it, such as a social media button or a form.

WordPress plugins are a lifesaver in such situations. They help create a functional and attractive website without having advanced coding skills.

A list of useful WordPress plugins

Everyone who runs a website or a blog is perfectly aware that sooner a later comes the time when they need to add different elements to it, like social media buttons or a form.

WordPress plugins are a lifesaver in such situations. They allow to create a functional and attractive website without advanced coding skills.

Wordpress plugins

Basic plugins (must have them!):

  • WordPress Database Backup– the first and most crucial one; a plugin for backing up your WordPress websites and blogs.
  • Yoast SEO – allows for very effective search engine optimization of a website.
  • Contact Form 7 – instead of putting up your e-mail like an amateur, show how pro you are and create a contact form.
  • Akisment – this plugin helps detect whether a comment posted was written by a human being or a spambot and delete it immediately when needed.
  • TinyMCE Advanced – a perfect plugin for more advanced editing of text content.
  • Social Media Widget – if you want your content to be shared on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, you need to install this plugin – it puts links to these exact media on the website.

Good practices in using plugins

  • Quality over quantity. When looking for a plugin, make sure to carefully check its abilities before you download, as well as user ratings and reviews. It will allow to limit the number of plugins. It is definitely a bad approach to just install everything you find. Having multiple plugins with the same functionality may cause our website to get cluttered or even damaged.
  • Uninstall a plugin that you don’t use. A very important principle. Sometimes we forget to uninstall a plugin, which might slow down the website, as well as cause other technical problems, such as a collision of two similar plugins. By removing a plugin, we maintain harmony and consistency of our website.
  • Trusted sources – WordPress plugins can be found pretty much everywhere – on FB groups, message boards, official websites or other WordPress themed websites. You have to remember, though, to carefully check each plugin’s origin. The safest solution is to use the official website at wordpress.org/plugins/. In other cases, we might run into a virus that will infect our website upon installing the plugin, which might lead to such unpleasant consequences as: hosting blocking or losing organic traffic.